Job Opportunities


Hollinger Technical Publications currently utilizes skills in the job classifications listed below. Job openings are shown below. However, if you feel you are qualified for one of the positions listed below, you may email your resume to and we will keep it on file for 1 year.

Job classifications at Hollinger Technical Publications fall under 3 categories:

Technical Writers (No Openings)

Before beginning a project, technical writers must first become totally familiar with the Technical Manual Contract Requirements or Specifications. They write technical content based on source materials such as design engineering drawings, detail design reports, vendor brochures, drawings and product descriptions, engineering reports, engineering change proposals, provisioning data, photographs and hands-on examination of the equipment. Collaboration with design and project engineers is also essential. The technical writers work closely with the technical illustrators to develop new illustrations that will support and enhance the written text. Technical writers must possess superior mechanical aptitude, organizational abilities and analytical thinking skills. Prior hands-on experience operating and maintaining complex mechanical, hydraulic or electrical equipment is a definite advantage. Former U.S. Navy personnel experienced with maintaining nuclear and auxiliary equipment have been a good fit for this position. Prior experience reading and interpreting engineering drawings, writing technical documentation or instructing has been found to be very helpful in this position.

Technical Illustrators (No Openings)

Technical illustrators work closely with the technical writers to develop new illustrations that will support and enhance the written text. Technical illustrators are expected to create exploded view illustrations from photographs and two-dimensional engineering drawings, create line tracings from photographs and edit engineering drawings for use in technical documentation.

Technical illustrators must have a strong background of training and experience in the graphic arts. They should be thoroughly familiar with the programs Adobe Illustrator and Adobe Photoshop. Technical illustrators are also expected to be able to perform conversions between a number of different file formats.

Content Managers (No Openings)

Content managers combine the technical content generated by the writers and the illustrations generated by the illustrators into a concise and well-organized technical document. Content managers are responsible for typesetting, formatting, proofreading, and compiling the finished document. They are also responsible for output of the document to a variety of media including hard copy, electronic media, and/or the Internet.

Content managers must have strong typing, proofreading, and organizational skills. They must be thoroughly familiar with SGML and XML text editors such as Epic Editor and should have familiarity with desktop publishing programs such as Adobe InDesign.